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The orange one spoke first, “Don’t hurt us”, whimpered Orange. 

“Alright” chuckled Mr. Buman, “I won’t hurt you, but I’ll hurt your friends” he stuttered evilly as he LAUNCHED Orange out of jail. 

“Apple was upset. “Why have you done this?” he questioned hesitatingly, 

“Because” Mr. Buman responded in a heartbeat. 

“Why?” replied lazily by Banana. 

Strawberry wanted to stand for her fellow fruit. “Well if you think torturing others is funny then you’re wrong, and even doing it to people who respect you is even more disrespectful.” Strawberry whimpered. 

“I'll let you go, thank you Strawberry,” said Mr. Buman. 

By: Rusty S


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The Orange one spoke first…
Orange, was ranting about how he should be leader of the crayon box. 
“I’m better than Red! “ he yelled.
Red walked over to him and said,
“I’ll give you my position when I snap in two!” she said.
Orange walked away. 
“He always hangs out with the dark colours.” said Yellow.
“I know right!” exclaimed Green.
“I hope he is okay!” said Blue worryingly. 
“I know Black, Grey and Purple there not that bad.” said Red.
“I hope so.” replied Pink and White in unison. 
Weeks went by, and Orange became a dark colour.
by: Molly C
Donald Trump was turning from the hue of an orange, to that similar of a cherry. He fumed as his Ukrainian informant, Vladmir backstabbed him with true statements, and now was getting impeached as a result. 
Now, he was standing there, face to face with Vladmir. Vladmir was about to speak, but the orange one spoke first
"How in the World, do you think you can go around and spread all of my secrets?" exclaimed Mr. Trump. 
Vladmir was about to speak again, but was again stopped by Mr. Trump, who was suddenly stopped by the CIA. "We gotta run...".
By: Jaisal B